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Our clinic consists of skin specialists and highly trained physicians together with cutting-edge technology and best products from Japan. Every treatment step has been proved to be the most effective treatment for Asian skin. You can be confident in high standard, safety and satified results from Yasashii products and services.
Praise from Our Customers

Mom Luang Warangsinee Worawan
" I am very impressed with the treatment at Yasashii. The doctor takes very good care of me. The service is a cutting edge technology. In addition, it is not expensive at all! "

Ms. Thanomsee Taewakul na Ayudhya
" My facial skin always have problems. I received treatments from several places. After coming to Yasashii from friend suggestion, I am amazed with the high standard of treatment. Several friends told me that my face is brighter and smooth, making me feel much more confident. "

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Yasashii Products

Yasashii KOU (- ยาซาชี่ โคอุ)
This day cream contains extracts for nourishing and maintaining beautiful white skin. It protects outer skin layer from UV rays and inhibits melanin production in inner skin layer, which is a cause of dark spots and freckle on facial skin, resulting in the radiant even skin tone.

Yasashii KOU (- ยาซาชี่ โคอุ)
a product for bright skin at the premium level. The nano-whitening consists of Day Creams for taking care of daytime activities and Night Creams for nighttime rejuvenation.

Yasashii SAISEI (- ยาซาชี่ ไซเซย์)
an everlasting beauty. SAISEI products help maintain youthful face and skin.

New Treatment Courses

a new innovation that quickly reveals beautiful skin and maintains skin moisture, making you look younger even in persons with sensitive skin.
a skin scrub with super fine diamonds. Do not cause facial irritation. Skin scrubbing helps eliminate the top layer of outer skin to instantly reveal the clear bright and soft skin underneath it.
our new package for clear skin ladies to brighten up skin tones as well as reduce wrinkle and dark spots.
naturally rejuvenate facial skin, lessen blemish, freckle, dark spots and wrinkle, tighten skin pores as well as brighten and soften your skin.
a program for ladies who are not confident in their body shape. Yasashii can help you with our standardized weight loss program.



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